Wrong Turkish

Did someone say “Turkish?”


Skill:    Turkish Get-up   (heavy single)

WOD:    20 – 15 – 10 – 5

  • Handstand Push Ups
  • Knees to Elbows

– Post scaling and times to comments –


14 thoughts on “Wrong Turkish”

  1. Any one know of a CrossFit gym on the west side of Houston? I’m gonna be there this weekend and don’t want to miss a WOD just because I’m out of town.

    1. You can go to crossfit.com and on the left click affiliates then on the left they have a list of affiliates organized by state.

  2. did 45# could have done 55 but was afraid of dropping the weight on my face. tried RX but ended up using the tire stack for hspu and i dont remember my time. but i did just sign up for the la competition cant wait

  3. 45# tgu 30″ box pike 5:10. Did 5 handstand push ups during warm up and realized there’s no way I could do it for the workout!

  4. I did the first round with 2 ab mats… then had to wait on a pull up bar, then half the 2nd round with the ab mats then moved to 15#DB’s and rings with toes to elbows. Complicated it up a bit! 5:57
    My friend Ali said she LOVED it and will be back to torture herself Monday LOL

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