Woo sahhh

This is a “NO WHINING” zone


5 – 26 – 11

WOD:    In 12 min:

  • 1000 m row
  • AMRAP (with remaining time):
  • 10 wall ball (20#/14)
  • 10 ball slams (20#/14#)
  • 10 russian twists

– Post loads and times to comments –

This weekend we will have the free Saturday class, but there will be NO OPEN GYM this Sunday. Monday we will only have the evening classes 6 & 7 pm. Everyone have a fun and safe weekend!!


17 thoughts on “Woo sahhh”

  1. 6 rounds RX -10 russian twists away from 7. i should not have dropped the ball on the last round
    20 ring push ups

  2. So Stefan, when are we going to see these “recreational” activities post-workout? Like so, Paleo Pong.

  3. 5 rounds rx 20 ring push ups. Have I mentioned how much I hate rowing! I think id rather play in traffic.

  4. I love rowing!! Did 7 rounds + 10 WB (Rx) – & 42 Ring pushups – Note: Jason did 30 Ring pushups before trying to beat mine. I’m really glad he didn’t – I was in no condition to try and top anymore than 42.

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