WOD – 140512 – “2014 Regionals Event #4”

WOD – 140512 – “2014 Regionals Event #4”

General Warm-up

100 Double Unders
Iron Scap


3 X 5 Bench Press

2014 Regionals Event #4

21-15-9-6-3 of:
Strict Handstand Push Ups
Front Squats (195/125)

Bri Miller2Athlete of the Month – Bri Miller

About Bri:

How long have you been doing CrossFit?

 Since last June.


How did you come to WMCF?

My sister and a good friend had both been doing CrossFit and raving about it, so I roped Paul into trying it out with me. So glad we did!


What is your favorite thing about being part of a CrossFit gym?

How has CrossFit changed you? I began CrossFit at a time when I had a lot of stress from starting a new position at work. It is a great way to reduce stress. I feel so energized and have definitely changed physically. And I am always sore…in a good way…most of the time!!


What exercise do you fear most that might show up in a WOD?

I’m not sure “fear” is the right word, but there are movements that I like less than others. Of course, the ever dreaded burpee…I’m sure it’s gotten easier since I started…but it is still pretty awful. I don’t like pistols…maybe because I can’t do them. Strict press is not my favorite.


Have you ever skipped a workout because of what was programmed?

I am obsessed with looking up the workout every day. But it usually doesn’t determine if I go to class. The harder the workout looks, the more determined I am to complete it. There has been a couple of times when the work out was a 5k and I decided, I can run at home. Then I don’t.


What is your favorite activity to do outside of CrossFit?

In the winter; snowboarding. In the summer; biking, hiking, camping, boating…Paul and I have recently taken up golf…and we love hanging out at our pool! Learning to scuba-dive is probably the best activity I’ve ever enjoyed and only wish we could go more often.


If you could visit anywhere in the world where would it be and why?

I cannot possibly choose just one place. I LOVE to travel. I want to travel everywhere. Phuket, Thailand…the scuba diving is supposed to be amazing. France, of course. Tahiti! I would love to go back and explore more of Italy. New York…I haven’t been. I want to tour castles in Switzerland and celebrate Paul’s birthday (St. Patty’s day) in Ireland. I could go on…but I’ll stop.


What is a fun fact about you?

As a child, sledding terrified me…now I snowboard. I was scared of the ocean until three years ago…now I scuba-dive. I’ve flown a military jet!


What advice would you give someone who just started CrossFit?

If you’ve already started, that’s ½ the battle. Keep with it! You will feel a sense of accomplishment after every single workout. You will see results! You will reach your goals, whatever they are, if you are committed to doing so. Don’t let excuses get in the way, prioritize your workouts and you will be happy you did!