WOD – 140418 – “PYOP”

WOD – 140418 – “PYOP”

General Warm-up

100 Double Unders w/ 5 Burpee penalty every time you stop or miss


3 X 5 Back Squat

“Pick Your Own Poison”

You may pick a WOD that you missed from earlier in the week or choose a named CrossFit workout – the girls, heroes, or games workouts.  You may not create your own WOD.  This is an excellent time to test benchmarks.

Vote for your Athlete of the Month!

It’s that time again!  Time to vote for who inspires you in the gym with their bad ass-ness!  Here are the nominees:

Ryan WeaverRyan Weaver
Since Ryan joined WMCF last summer he has grown into an amazing athlete!  Because of his dedication, his strength, stamina, and skills continually improve week after week making him a huge inspiration for those who train alongside him.  Ryan’s positive attitude is motivating for both coaches and athletes, especially at 6am!


Andrea Loera
Andrea is super motivated and pushes herself everyday.  She comes early and stays late to work on mobility and fitness outside of class.  Andrea’s smile is so friendly and inviting.  She easily makes friends with anyone she’s never seen in the gym before.  She is very coachable and always looking to improve.

 Bri Miller
Bri is one of our most dedicated and committed athletes.  She has made significant progress at the gym and has become one of our top athletes.  Bri’s energetic attitude is always refreshing and she an amazing asset to our community.

 Eva Bennett
Even though Eva hasn’t been with us that long, she has fully embraced CrossFit’s ideal of community.  Both inspiring and being inspired by others, Eva has adopted a humble, leave your ego at the door mentality when at the gym.  In her short time, she has cemented what will likely be lifelong friendships with some of her fellow athletes.