WOD – 140407

WOD – 140407

General Warm-up

Skip 10 laps around gym
Crossover Symmetry


3 X 5 Back Squat


5 min AMRAP of:
10 Wall Ball (20/14)
10 Burpees
5 min AMRAP of:
3 Med Ball Cleans (20/14)
6 Push Ups
9 Sit Ups
back squat
Today is the beginning of our Starting Strength cycle.  This is an aggressive strength program designed to push your limits over the next 12 weeks.  The Starting Strength program we will be following is a Linear Progression program.  In this program we will only perform the 5 basic lifts in the “strength” portion of our workouts – Back Squat, Press, Bench Press, Deadlift, and Power Clean.  The lifts will cycle in the following rotation:
  • 3 X 5 Back Squat
  • 3 X 5 Bench Press
  • 1 X 5 Deadlift
  • 3 X 5 Back Squat
  • 3 X 5 Press
  • 5 X 3 Power Clean

These are working sets and do not include warm-up sets.  Also, all working sets of a lift are to be performed “across,” meaning at the same weight.  For beginner athletes, work up in sets of 5’s until you establish a weight that is heavy enough to slow down bar speed but not breakdown form.  Stop here, you will not do 3 sets across with this weight today.  This will be the weight you use the next time you perform this lift and you will do it for 3 sets of 5 across.

You will perform one lift each day M-F.  This will allow for our 6 day cycle to rotate by one day each week allowing athletes who only come a few days a week to experience and benefit from all 5 lifts. Each time you perform a lift you will do more than you did the previous time.  Specifically, you will add 5 pounds to each lift every time you perform it except the Deadlift which you will add 10 pounds to each time, hence why it is called Linear Progression.  Notice you Back Squat twice as much as any of the other lifts.
I understand that adding 5 pounds to the bar each workout sounds aggressive, that’s because it is.  However, as long as you balance stress and recovery adequately your body CAN and WILL adapt on this program.
The exception to this will be our more experienced lifters who have seen the benefits of this program before.  Even for them this program will be beneficial for at least the first month.  Once progress slows we will direct these athletes on an individual basis.  Note that if your 3 X 5 Back Squat is not in or above the mid 300’s as a male or 200’s as a female you are not likely to need another program.  Also note that no other program drives strength as fast as linear progression so it would be awesome to stay on it as long as possible.