WOD – 140120

WOD – 140120

General Warm-up

400m Run/500m Row

Crossover Symmetry

Group Warm-up


1) 10 min to work up to a 1RM Power Clean & Jerk (Stay within time limit – no more than 4-5 attempts)

2) Every 30 sec for 3 min:

1 Power Clean & Jerk @ 80% of max from #1


5 Rounds for time of:

200m Run
14 Wall Ball (20/14)
7 Pullup

Vote for your Athlete of the Month!

It’s that time again!  Time to vote for who inspires you in the gym with their bad ass-ness!  Here are the nominees:

 Chris Morrison
Chris is a dedicated athlete who is always striving to improve.  He makes friends with everyone in the gym is and is one of the kindest members we have ever had.  And he has a sweet dog!

 Ressie Friedlander
Ressie is a super hard worker. She is always laughing and smiling. She’s friendly and works her butt off! She has an automatic passion for CF and is dedicated to her fitness. Ressie is always pushing herself to be even more badass than she already is!

 Bri Miller
Bri consistently shows up and works hard.  She strives for perfection in everything she does in the gym (and I’m sure outside as well).  Since coming to West Metro in the middle of last year Bri has made a great impression on the entire gym.

 Bob Major
Bob is a gentle giant. Despite his large stature Bob is one of the kindest members in the gym. He always has a great attitude towards both coaches and other athletes.  The improvement Bob has shown in the gym is amazing and inspiring.  He is a great presence to have around.