WOD – 131217

WOD – 131217

General Warm-up

400m Run/500m Row
Crossover Symmetry

Group Warm-up

3 X 5 Snatch Grip Deadlift


For time:
800m Run
50 Pistols (Alternating)
30 Power Clean (135/95)


Run – 4 x 400m TT’s w/ 3-4 min recoveries

Row – 4 x 500m TT’s w/ 3-4 min recoveries

Athlete of the Month!

Help us recognize one of our own for their bad ass-ness!

It’s that time again!  Time to vote for who inspires you in the gym with their bad ass-ness!  Here are the nominees:

 Ryan Weaver
Ryan is a motivated and dedicated athlete who shows up nearly everyday.  He has a positive attitude and he is always there to cheer on a fellow athlete.  Since starting CrossFit Ryan has relentlessly worked to improve his form and effort has paid off, he can now model almost any move in the gym!

 Graham Christy
While Graham may be a newbie to the gym his has come in hitting the ground running!  As a former college athlete he came in with the strength and technique to Rx almost any workout.  You might think this early success would give Graham a chip on his shoulder, but it’s quite the opposite – he is always looking for instruction from the coaches and is always ready to motivate other athletes!

 Aaron Friedlander
Aaron is such a positive athlete to be around.  The guy ALWAYS has a smile on his face!  Aaron has fully integrated CrossFit into his life.  His wife, Ressie, is also a member of the gym and they often bring their kids with them giving the young ones some great exposure to fitness.  Aaron is a friend to everyone, he always makes sure to introduce himself to athletes he doesn’t know and make them feel welcome in the gym.

 Shelly Mayo
Shelly is the little engine that did!  When she came to us in July she had trouble even standing up from an air squat.  Now she is a barbell (and then some!) squatting machine.  Shelly always focus’ on doing it right and in turn she has seen amazing results in both performance and looks!  There is NO QUIT in this girl, she works her butt off each and every time she is in the gym!