WOD – 131121

WOD – 131121

General Warm-up:

400m Run/500m Row
Crossover Symmetry

Group Warm-up


5 X 3 Power Jerk


5 Rounds for time of:
12 Thrusters (115/75)
12 Bar Facing Burpees


Run – 3 X 800m TT w/ 5 min rest between efforts
Row – 3 X 1000m TT w/ 5 min rest between efforts

Athletes of the Month Emily and Wade!

How long have you been doing CrossFit? 

3 Months

 What/Who got you into CrossFit? 

Wade: Emily got me into it, blame her.

Emily: I was sick of my usual workout, and wanted something more challenging/interesting. I blame the Internet, and Crossfit-doing friends who look AMAZING!

 What is your favorite exercise?

Emily –  Deadlifts

Wade –  Olympic Lifting

 Have you ever not come because of what was in the WOD?

Emily –  Absolutely not. Although, it helps to have a live-in workout buddy who would never let you get away with that crap.

Wade – Never, I try not to read the WOD before I come, but Emily usually tells me anyways.

 Do you have any pets?  If so, types, names, how long?

We have an English Mastiff named Daisy. We adopted her last year and have spoiled her rotten ever since.

Daisy (2)

 What is your favorite song to workout to?

Emily –  Wham! – Last Christmas (don’t judge)

Wade – I don’t have any particular song, but I tend to prefer hard rock.

 What is something no one at the gym knows about you?

Emily –  I can wiggle my eyeballs.

Wade – I’ve got a private pilot license, but I don’t get to fly as often as I would like too.

 What advice would you give someone thinking about trying CrossFit?

Wade: Do it, it’ll hurt the first week or so, but it is worth it

Emily: All you need to do is get yourself in the door for that first work-out. After that, it gets a lot less scary and a lot more fun.