WOD – 131101 – “Pick Your Own Poison”

WOD – 131101 – “Pick Your Own Poison”

General Warm-up:

400m Run

Group Mobility

“Pick Your Own Poison”

You may choose to make up a WOD that you missed from earlier in the week, do a named CrossFit workout – the girls and heroes. You may not create your own workout. A good idea is to pick a workout that you have done before and try to beat your previous score, or pick something you’ve always wanted to do.

Endurance WOD:

Run or Row 5k @ 85% of 5K TT pace

RyanPenguinCongratulations to Ryan Weaver for winning our Halloween Costume Contest!  We had lots of great costumes but a penguin doing burpees and double unders just couldn’t be beat!  Thank you everyone for joining in the fun and dressing up!