WOD – 130101

WOD – 130101


(Crossfit Style)

The Rules:

  • Players hit by a LIVE ball (a ball that has not bounced off the ground, ceiling, walls, or other equipment) which is not caught before it hits the ground are out and must perform a task to get back in – see below.
  • The same rule applies to any players who try to catch the ball but drop it.
  • If a player catches a LIVE ball thrown by an opponent the thrower is out and must perform a task to get back in.
  • NO HEADSHOTS ALLOWED!  If a headshot is thrown intentionally the thrower will be eliminated for the duration of the game.  We are here to have fun!
  • Players may leave the court to retrieve stray balls but they may not throw those balls until the return to the court.

To get back in once you are eliminated you must perform the following task depending on the color of ball that knocks you out:

  • Red – 20 Burpees
  • Blue – 35 Pushups
  • Pink – 50 Squats

Once one team is all on the side doing reps, the other team is crowned the winner!


Goal Setting

In CrossFit we strive to push ourselves to limit within our workouts.  We try to get as much work done in the allotted time or get the prescribed work done as fast as possible.  But in order to improve we must set goals.

Unfortunately, our Small Goals board has been looking pretty empty lately.  Remember that at West Metro CrossFit our goal is to be in constant pursuit.  No matter how big or small a goal is, when we reach it we progress.  And if we string enough small goals together it is amazing how much we can transform!

Before I get into how to set a goal and what they should look like, let me first remind you to look back over 2012 and remember all of the things you accomplished; give yourself credit for all of the things you can now do that you couldn’t just a few short months ago.

Now to 2013, a year that is sure to be filled with crushing many more new goals, achievements, PRs, and much more!  If you don’t currently have a goal you are working toward, make one!  Without direction you will get nowhere, with direction you can get anywhere!

Goals should follow a simple four pillar format:

  1. Specific and Concise
  2. Positive Tense
  3. Time Frame
  4. M. I. D.

Specific and Concise

First off your goal should be specific and concise.  “Getting better” doesn’t cut it.  Do you want to get your first pullup? Get a sub 4min Fran time?  Get your squat below parallel?

Positive Tense

If you are not positive about your goals and truly believe in them you are just setting up unnecessary barriers in your way.  Pick goals that are realistic and relevant to what you are trying to accomplish.  If a goal seems too big at the moment break it down into smaller goals that ultimately lead to your big goals.  For example, even if you are steadily losing a few pounds a week towards your goal of losing 100 lbs it’s still 100 lbs and that can be overwhelming!  Set monthly goals that push you to work hard (not just gimme goals) and before you know it you will be there.  And make sure to celebrate every victory no matter how small it may seem, remember if you reach a goal you’re getting better!

Time Frame

Put a time frame to your goal and push yourself to meet it!  If you simply state that you want to be able to run a mile in under 7 min then you leave that open to happen sometime in your life.  If you’re close to it set if for the end of the month; if not, set stepping stones each month to get you there.

M. I. D.

Above all your goal should MOTIVATE you, INSPIRE you, and give you DIRECTION!  If it doesn’t do all three of these then it’s probably not a goal worth your time!

If you have any questions about setting proper goals or coming up with them just ask one of your coaches, we’re all here to help.  Quite truly that is the only thing we are here for – to help you reach your goals!  See you in the new year!