WOD – 121212

WOD – 121212


Muscle Up Progressions (DEMO)


12 Rounds for time of:

12 Double Unders

12 Jumping Squats w/ 45# Bar (DEMO)

Why We Use Resistance

By CrossFit Verve

Why is a finger snap faster and stronger than unobstructed finger extension? Try it.  Place your pointer finger against your thumb, push it against your thumb for a period of time, and then release it.  Then, simply bend your finger and extend it.  Not only was the the finger snap faster, it was more powerful.

With the finger snap, you have time to build up tension.  As much time as you want, in fact.  That tension is released into a vigorous snap.  By contrast, the finger extension simply begins and ends.  It takes a split second, but there is a time constraint on it.  The lack of tension and stretch reflex leads to a slower movement.  So because the force of the finger snap is greater than with a simple finger extension, the velocity is greater.  You cannot achieve maximum levels of performance without combining force and velocity.

In CrossFit we define work as being able to move large loads, long distances, quickly. The more intense we decide personally to make that equation, the more we see in the way of benefits.  So we see that there are two kinds of resistance: the resistance that an object puts on us, and the resistance we display against an object.  Think of a rower.  The water exerts force against the oar.  The weight and overall substance of the water does not change.  However, if the rower decides that he wants to go faster, he can perform a faster rowing stroke. The amount of force he exerts against the water increases, as well as the velocity.  Said rower may also notice that he receives a markedly increased stimulus.

Resistance, both from what objects apply to us, as well as what we apply to objects, is a measure of intensity.  It builds muscles in different ways, both in overall strength, and speed.  This provides benefits in multiple ways, as many of us have experienced.

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