WOD – 111221

WOD – 111221


Continue your 5-3-1 program.  Add 5% to the numbers you were working off of last month.  Download the 5-3-1 Spreadsheet here.


1a) 3 X 5 Good Morning – Heavy – Rest 30 sec

1b) 3 X 30-60 sec  GHD Situp Hold – Rest 30 sec

2a) 3 X 5 Floor Press- Heavy – Rest 30 sec

2b) 3 X 30-60 sec Hip Extension Hold – Rest 30 sec

Nutritition Consultations

Lately I have been approached by many of our athletes about nutrition and in response I have made a few recent posts on the subject.  However, it seems that many of you are wanting a little more personal direction when it comes to altering your nutritional habits and creating meal plans, so I would like to invite you to schedule a one-on-one nutrition consultation with me to address your specific questions and needs.  If you are interested just let me know and we will get you in!

– Coach Sol