10 – 17 – 11
Skill:     HSPU  5 x 5
WOD:       21 – 15 – 9

  • snatch (95/65)
  • bar-facing burpees

– burpees are hand release; must jump from two planted feet, onto two planted feet (no skipping)
– Post loads and times to comments –


25 thoughts on “Wireless”

  1. Looks like a nice little workout, and I just recently learned the snatch movement. Don’t know about the HSPU. . . may have to use 2 ab mats in order to knock out that many.

      1. its not about being “that guy” Scaling doesn’t always mean scale down, I heard neal explain it one time. Scaling up can be just as important to get the full purpose of the wod, everybody should be dead after a wod from a beginner doing 45# to Garret or Alan who might need to scale up to 115# or more to be challenged. Scaling is key buddy

        1. Have y’all seen the Nike shirt “I’m that dude.” LOL. I don’t think I can scale up with that many reps. . . I’ve never done more than a couple of reps in a row on snatch.

  2. Really – so now we ALL have to scale up?
    I like Burt’s point – scaling up is great with movements we are better/stronger with. But I will NOT scale up in OHS or Front squats just to say “I scaled up”. It not that I can’t do the movement or the weight – but sometimes having better form & full range of motion for every rep will lead to a better workout.

  3. Also remember that though we can all throw 95 overhead it’s are we doing the snatch movement right and getting low under the weight.. Technique is everything in this game

  4. Alan, I agree with you. But snatch is a movement that I am completely comfortable with and would like to challenge myself.
    As for anything squat, I’m a down scaler fo sho. LOL

  5. Skill- 4×5 RX, 1×5 with 20# vest
    WOD-8:40 RX+ (105#)
    So, everybody was right about this WOD. Form got a bit sloppy in the round of 15. But the fatigue in the the round of 9 forced better mechanics.

  6. Skill- Sucked, Still can’s get up on the wall, so had to use the bands and it wasn’t much better.
    WOD- 12:27 RX, I really like this WOD….

  7. Skill- all rx
    Switched up the WOD a little
    21-15-9 snatches 95# ring push ups and 50 DU’s after each set 11:15ish cause I timed myself on my phone. My shoulders don’t like me right now

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