Well done!

Great job guys!


Skill- Power clean review then 3 power cleans EMOM for 10 min.
Change weights as needed during the 10 min

11 min AMRAP
9 wallballs 20/14
7 box jumps 24/20
5 power cleans 135/95

Thank you all who showed up and made the 5th mountain a success, those 400m runs will seem like a cake walk now!


13 thoughts on “Well done!”

  1. 7rds RX on saturday.
    prob switch it up today:
    11min AMRAP:
    6 squat cleans (115)
    12 pull ups
    24 double unders.
    (a cf/usaw event triplet from like 2010)

    1. Yea baby! And a good mix of Vitaility and Overdrive that I took yesterday and this morning! Good supplements and nutrition makes such a difference

  2. Skill: 3 minutes @ 100# then last 7 sets @ 105#
    Thanks for the push coach Kara 🙂
    Wod: 5 rounds +8 wall balls RX
    First wod using a 95# clean and a 14# wall ball since I’ve been back. Even though I was really slow, it felt good!

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