War cry

15 minutes to establish a 1RM Front Squat + Push Jerk.
Notes: Clearly the limiting of this sequence will be the Jerk. This is not a true test of the FS, but a drill to practice the transition from the Clean to the Jerk. Racks may be used. This is to help you practice jerking from the rack position instead of from your wrists.
3 rounds for time of:
25 Jumping Back Squats 45/33#
25 Push Press 45/33#
Run 400m

Monday, September 3, we will only have the 11:00 class in observance of Labor Day.


16 thoughts on “War cry”

  1. 23:13 45# only was doing 20 reps until the last PP, did 25 because Stefan started counting for me and I didn’t inform him of my scaled reps.

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