Skill-Back Squat 20×1
heaviest you can go unbroken
4 rounds
25 air squats
400m run
Cooldown– squat therapy and couch stretch
Dodgeball 1:00 this Sunday at Lukes in Beaumont. If you are signed up make sure you are there!


13 thoughts on “VOTE”

  1. Skill: 175 #
    Probably could have gone heavier but didn’t have an idea since I missed the Outlaw programming this summer
    WOD: 15:50 (3rds RX sub 500m Row)

  2. 185 skill. 12:43 with one ab mat.
    My lower back cramped up too, Martin, and I was a hair’s breadth from not finishing.
    what about 4:30pm class, burt? i thought we did pretty good.

  3. Skill = 185
    WOD = 1 round and then DNF!!!!
    Don’t know what happen but I got a severe headache after the Skill and got dizzy. So I chose to stop and try to redeem myself later. That sucked!!!

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