Until next time

2 – 27 – 12
Skill:    Press  3×3
– increase weight each set
WOD:    7 rounds:

  • 10 push ups
  • 10 KB swings (55/35)
  • 200 m run

– Post loads and times to comments –


18 thoughts on “Until next time”

  1. SKILL- 135, 155pp, 145
    WOD- 13:12 RX
    gotta get my stamina back up. Great job this am DJ, Jeremy, and Casey
    FTR-Nathan, you’re a lil beatch for not showing up. lol

  2. Great class today!
    Skill 65
    WOD 15:10rx
    Jason…really…”Great job DJ, Jeremy, and Casey”?? What about the rest of us?!?

  3. 135 skill only thing im claiming jermey
    wod: 11:43
    if you look crossfit up in the dictionary a video of todays 6am class would be there. great job jermey, casey, jason mark, richard, margo, grandmaw, bobby, brittnay, sabrina, last but not least steph.
    nathan great job at sleeping in and not showing up couldn’t hang anyway

  4. Last but not least. Thanks dj! I don’t think I could have done any better.
    But I think you missed someone in that list? There was one more person.
    Skill: 45, 65, 75 press.
    Wod: 14:26 rx+ (45# kb) with unbroken swings!

  5. 17:11 @ 55# kb, my endurance is getting better, but that kb got HEAVY.
    70# press.
    I think I got ragged on a little for not doing Hand release push ups. Ah well. I did my best.

  6. Skill= 135# I got 145# two time just couldn’t complete the 3rd rep.
    WOD=. 17:25 RX. Wish I would have gone harder on the run.

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