Tuesday – 151013 – “The Motivator”

Tuesday – 151013 – “The Motivator”

“The Motivator”

9 min AMRAP of:
ME Shoulder to Overhead – L3(115/85), L2(95/65), L1(65/35)
Penalty: 20 Double Unders (L2 & L1 – 20 Single Unders)
ME Front Rack Lunges – L3(115/85), L2(95/65), L1(65/35)
Penalty: 5 Burpees
Repeat until time expires…
Note: At 3, 2, 1 Go the athlete pick up the bar and completes as many reps of Shoulder to Overhead as possible. The athlete can rest the bar in the front rack position or overhead, but once the bar touches the ground the athlete must serve the penalty of 20 Double Unders. Once the penalty reps are completed the athlete moves on to performing as many Front Rack Lunges as possible. Once the barbell hits the ground the athlete will serve the penalty of 5 Burpees, and then the athlete returns to Shoulder to Overhead. The pattern continues until the clock expires.

Scoring Notes: Penalty Reps do not count towards the athlete’s score. The total score is the total number of repetitions of Shoulder to Overhead and Front Rack Lunges completed in 9 minutes.

A throwback pic of Sol’s birthday WOD from earlier this year!