Together on 3…

Let's hear some captions!
April 24, 2012

Skill: 3 times max handstand holds
WOD: 1000 Burpees for time!
               It’s not a 5k


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  1. Well if you can keep an ungodly pace of 20 burpees/minutes (bpm) then it would only take you 50 minutes.
    Pretty sure my bpm will drop quickly to less then 10
    This is pure pure evil

  2. i hatred of everything crossfit comes over you around the 500th burpee and you just wanna finish to prove that it cant beat you but it does 759

  3. Good job mark I got to 700 then blaaaaa. Nedab is nuts. My first 6:00 am class in forever and couldn’t hardly walk to my truck at work.

  4. It looks like Drew has an “are you serious? 1000 burpees?” face and Michael is giving everyone a “haha sucks for you guys laugh”

  5. Well I have a plan, I’m just going to walk through the door and start knocking them out. I’ll get as for as I can in 1 hr. Its not gonna be that bad!!!! HAHAHAHA

  6. Oh sweet gezz!!! I haven’t ever puked before so let this be a day in my Crossfit history. But at least I got 725!! Going home to rest! Good luck everyone else!!

  7. When you’re done puking, there are paleo mint chocolate chip icecream cookies for $1/bag.
    Look by the water cooler.
    When you’re done barfing.

  8. So I LOVE that Brian is blamed for this!!!!!!
    Cookies are delicious!!!
    And after watching the 6 am and 11 am I’ve realized I might have to show up tonight just to not be a punk. We are all off our rockers!
    And tomorrow is our going away wod. 🙂 🙁
    It will be the same wod all day, but we will most likely be working out at 7 pm for anyone who wants to join!!!
    Great job today everyone!

  9. I would not, could not do burpees in the rain,on a train,in the dark, not in a car, not in a tree,
    I do not like them u see
    Not in a house,not in a box,not with a mouse or with a fox
    I will not doin them u here or there — I do not like them anywhere

  10. I’m going at 6, setting my own timer and not stopping until I hit 1000 or commit suicide. Whichever comes first.
    As JJ. That’s what she said

    Man today was awesome!!!!
    A. Impressed w ppls ability to keep a secret!
    B. WOW guys for thinking Brian and I are that twisted!
    C. High five to everyone that actually showed up ready or not to do 1000 Burpees.
    Maybe some Saturday?!!!
    I will probably add more w more exclamation marks later 🙂

  12. so what was the actual WOD for today?? if the 1000 burpee challenge was a joke?? I’m soo curious now!!:)

  13. I showed with the mindset I was going to do a crap ton of burpees.
    DJ and I are going to give the 1000 a shot Saturday at 10

  14. I had the “eeef it lets do some burpees”, mentality
    it was a fun team Wod though!”
    it was great stories throughout the day!
    Jason J I think yours took the cake!

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