Thursday – 190725

Thursday – 190725


Schedule Update:

Friday, Aug 2nd – NO EVENING CLASSES

Saturday, Aug 3rd – NO CLASSES

24/7 Access is still available during these times


Headstand Progressions
1) Establish a Tripod Position
2) Rock from Head to Toes in Tripod Position
3) Bring Knees together at 90 in Tripod Position
4) From 90, extend 1 leg, return it, then the other
5) From 90, extend both legs to a Headstand
– all movements should be controlled in reverse order back to the floor


CompleteĀ for distance in 6 minutes of:
25 Front Squats (135/95)
100 Double Unders
Max Distance Handstand Walk


“Bring Sally Up” – Plank (down) to Pike (up)