Throw Away Your Television

Burt has come full circle; from not drinking the juice, to certified coach.
April 11, 2012


3 x 5 of pistols



– mountain climbers (per leg)

– db snatches (right arm)

– db snatches (left arm)


12 thoughts on “Throw Away Your Television”

  1. Thanks guys! I’ve been to the box three times today and still havent got a WOD in, feels weird. Be there again at 5 to WOD
    Great job on the warm up today Heather!

  2. Thanks for letting me help out Burt!! Had fun!
    WOD: 8:47 35# db
    Good job on those pistols Vick! Droppin’ it like its hott!!

  3. Skill = 15 unsuccessful attempts at Pistols
    WOD = 13:10 with 45# DB. That got hard/heavy very fast!!!
    Cool Down = 800m, leg swings, 200m, rest 2mims and 100m sprints.

  4. Burt and Heather rocked it
    Skill: 3×5 with green band
    Wod: 20# ( thx Burt) and 13:11, yup last one ๐Ÿ™‚

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