This Is the Way We Ball


Just have fun with it!!!

6 – 13 – 11

Skill:    Max push ups

WOD:    4 rounds:

  • 15 pull ups
  • 15 sit ups
  • 15 mountain climbers

– Post times and scaling to comments –


21 thoughts on “This Is the Way We Ball”

  1. Anyone want to guess how many push ups Alan will to do.
    I am going to shoot for 60reps, so I think Alan will get atleast 120reps. LOL

  2. Yes, he is “dangerous” and I do feed him babies for breakfas! And the prize is a 12 pack of beer (your choice) for the closest #…

  3. 61 reps and 7:14rx
    Proud of the new max push ups but I sucked at WOD. The sit ups and kipping pull ups got me. I need to get a stronger core.

  4. 30 push up. And 7:54 RX Nice seeing new faces, Christina and her adorable son, TC from Atomic, and Mandy from Crossfit Valor! Love it!

  5. Oh, and I got about 7 kb swings with the 70# if you were at or around the gym, and your didn’t see it, you definately heard it. Lol

  6. 67 pushups 6:09 (Rx) – congrats to Jason for getting 79 – next week your animal status may be upgraded from spider monkey to “Silverback in Training”

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