This guy…

535803_443237939082455_2001229331_nWOD 28FEB13
Skill- 10 min to find a 1RM jerk (any style)
500m row
Toes to Bar
Push Press 95/65
An excerpt from the article “STAYING CONSISTENT: AN INTERVIEW WITH NUTRITION COACH ADAM GILBERT” in The Performance Issue #97 (full issue is at the box if you want a good read)
“View healthy food as an investment not a cost… We’ve all heard people complain about how expensive healthy eating is…I like to remind people that junk food doesn’t give us anything back. Like a dividend, [healthy eating] pays back over and over and over again…Everything unhealthy is a cost, and anything healthy is an investment. It’s certainly cheaper to pay for healthy food now than it is to pay a doctor later on when you’re sick. Being sick costs time and money.
– Adam Gilbert
Certainly nothing that most of us don’t already know but a different way of looking at it that I thought I would share!


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  1. 145# Jerk.
    6:30 – had to sub GHD sit-ups for toes to bar because my hands are ripped ๐Ÿ™
    Loved the ladies swarming the class though!

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