They call me the fireman … 3/29/11

Random Fire Fighters CrossFitting


Skill: 300 m sprints (x3)

– with 2 minutes rest between runs



150 wall ball (20#/14#)

– Post times and loads to comments-

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16 thoughts on “They call me the fireman … 3/29/11”

  1. There’s a photo at today of firemen doing Thrusters in full gear, supposedly as part of Fran. Those are the kind of guys and gals I want coming to my rescue if my house is on fire.

  2. 3x 300m: :54 :59 1:01
    Karen- 9:50 14#
    just found out i have to go offshore tomorrow, hopefully i can climb the jacobs ladder

  3. I got a shot yesterday and am just starting to feel better… I did .59 on the first run. Then I got 113 @14 pounds in 13 minutes… It was tough.

  4. 3X300: 1:03, 1:09, 1:10
    Karen was awesome and a killer. Used a 14# ball and all 150. Hope there’s no legs tomorrow, haha

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