The space between



10 – 5 – 11

Skill:     Tabata Goblet Squats (55/35)

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  • 50 DUs
  • 40 Sit ups
  • 30 mountain climbers (heal to hand)
  • 20 hand release push ups
  • 10 c2b pull ups
  • 5 HSPUs
  • 10 c2b pull ups
  • 20 hand release push ups
  • 30 mountain climbers (heal to hand)
  • 40 sit ups
  • 50 DUs

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57 thoughts on “The space between”

      1. They do suck, but if you practice you can somewhat get them. I’ve only done them once but I got better as the workout went on.

  1. Just read this on facebook…
    “Zumba you’ve killed me.
    Pretty sore today.”
    I think I’m going to defriend this person.

    1. Reply with:
      “Did 100 DUs, 80 Sit ups, 60 mountain climbers, 40 hand release push ups, 20 c2b pull ups, 5 HSPUs. Pretty sore today.”

      1. Rather, “not sore at all.” You won’t have to worry about unfriend-ing this person, it should offend her (or him, to be PC) enough that they will unfriend you 🙂

        1. I’m thinking I should reply with “You should meet my friends Fran, Grace, and Cindy. They’ll show you soreness”

          1. My wife said she got jello legs after her workout today so I told her she was welcome. She replied “welcome for what? You weren’t there”. :/

  2. 10 reps for tabata goblets
    WOD 9:45 (3x singles) it was a good one.. And nathan don’t forget Karen..’still can’t stand that lady!

  3. 10 RX on skill and 9:36 on wod. That last set of sit ups killed me for some reason. Not happy with my time but it was a fun wod. Oh and I’m going out as Jeremy Franks fir this years halloween costume!

  4. 11 skill work – 8:25 RX – limited mobility on the Mt Climbers from an injured hamstring kept me from catching the Jedi ninja warrior (Mr. Franks)

    1. I was trying to put a good time up for you Alan. I know you are always coming for me. I need to come to the afternoon class more. I hated the mt climbers too. I thought they were the hardest part on the second set.

    1. You would have never gotten so many replies if you didn’t give us something to keep ourselves entertained with.

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