Special thanks to several of the people that have stopped by to help out and those that have been there almost every day these last few weeks! There’s no way we would be as ready as we are right now if it wasn’t for yall! Thanks again for your skills Talley, Sean, Jamie, Samantha, Kara, Nedab, Sabrina, Sara, Miranda, Keri, Cole, John, and everyone that let us borrow equipment and tools. I hope I didn’t leave anyone out. Love you guys!


3 thoughts on “THANKS!!!”

  1. I hope it is soon. I let my membership expire at my gym and I do not want to renew it. So all I can do is run until you open.

  2. Every day we are closer than ever Justin. Glad you are being patient with us. Just got word that we were okayed to get power today. I called Entergy and set everything up. We should get it within the next couple days. All my landlord has to do is get us hot water and the city should let us open this week or even weekend.

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