Thanks for the candy

Martin killin’ it!


10 – 11 – 11

Skill:    Tabata KB swings (55/35)

WOD:      3 rounds:

  • 75 m sled pull forwards (135/90)
  • 15 hand release push ups
  • 75 m sled pull backwards (same)
  •  50 DUs

– Sled must cross line before beginning next movement

– 12 minute cut off. scale accordingly

– Course is the same we used for the CFMC competition (please try to park out of the way)

– Post loads and times to comments –


36 thoughts on “Thanks for the candy”

      1. I vote we change your name to Quagmire. Or maybe just Glen, enough people are “in” on it at this point, you dirty perv. lol

  1. Well there are some parts of the cement that the sled likes to get caught on as your pulling either way. Be careful of the cracks!

  2. Burt, you can set it up at then use it on all the blogs you post on that are compatible with wordpress.

  3. I will now look into my comments and see if they are at all, or could come across, offensive in any way. I will also not get on the site after more than 3 drinks.

  4. 2 rds (1 RX with singles, 1 90# with singles)
    Saying I underestimated the sled is an understatement
    6 on the skill (70# KB)

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