5X3 Tempo High-Bar Back Squats @ 70% โ€“ rest 75 sec.
Notes: Quick descent, 5 counts (seconds) in the rock bottom, bounce and quick back up.
For time:
Run 400m
3 rounds of the BB complex-
5 Deadlifts 115/75#
5 Hang Power Cleans 115/75#
5 Push Jerks 115/75#
Run 400m
2 rounds of the BB complex
Run 400m
1 round of the BB complex


26 thoughts on “Tempo”

  1. Can’t there be some boring WODs you can program while I recover? I now have two WODs that I want to try. lol

    1. So, I’m not the only one who is still sore from Saturday and having to miss when I don’t want to. . .?

    1. At least it encourages blood flow, and yes I would have to agree with Alan. . . that’s peaceful after Saturday. Actually sounds kind of relaxing.lol.

  2. I think I’m going to try this at #165 at 5pm in Beaumont. I’m not fully recovered from Saturday but this is too good to pass up.

    1. I did it at 155 and finished around 15 minutes. It sucked pretty hard. It was a lot of just staring at the barbell saying “f you bar”
      We’re supposed to have a few guys come this evening and try it at 155. Come join them!

  3. Fine – – I cant take it anymore – – I am coming at 5:30 & will do this at whatever ridiculous scaled up weight we can agree on

    1. Neal did 155# in 15ish……..that sounds like a winner to me. Im trying to get out of here by 615 so I can come do this one.

  4. Skill- 195×5
    Wod- 13:28 135#
    Starting to get my groove back.
    630 class was awesome. We had 4 different mini competitions break out. Good job guys.

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