Take a step back

12 – 19 – 11

In ten minutes:

  • Find your 8 rep max front squat

5 rounds:

  • 20 DUs
  • 12 deadlifts (205/145)

– DUs must be UNBROKEN!! If you miss, you must start over that round
– Post loads and times to comments –
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19 thoughts on “Take a step back”

    1. I thought u where on your last set of deadlifts about rep 5 when I started so I did the last set unbroken just to beat u and then I realized that u where on set 4! Thanks for pushing me!

  1. 9:36 Got all my DU’s unbroken except the last round when I got to close to the window and hit it with my rope. Dang it!!!

  2. 185# on the skill. Spent more time changing out weights
    8:16 (3x singles, 185#) focusing more on form today. Gonna be efficient at DUs one day

    1. I love working out with you Alan. I want to be able to throw around weights like you someday. I do love double unders though.
      I hated the deadlift part of this one. I was happy with dropping it everytime so I didn’t kill my back since it is still sore. I think my time was 5:54RX. I am still going to be sore for doing this, and it was all Alan’s fault for making me.

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