Stop… … …hammer time

10 – 17 – 12
5 rounds:

  • 15 burpees
  • 15 wall climbes
  • 15 mountain climbers/leg

– Post scores and times to comments –
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14 thoughts on “Stop… … …hammer time”

  1. Wall all shots 35
    WOD 22:? Not real sure …. Scale=10/3/10
    This wod is not programmed for bigger people. it felt like my shoulders were gunna give out even during the mountain climbers. i scaled the crap out of it and it still took me for ever.

  2. Lance- wall climbs start in the pushup position with feet against the wall. Climb feet up the wall and walk hands back until your stomach touches the wall, then walk back down. They get old real quick.

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