11 – 3 – 11
Skill:      15-20 minutes of skill work:

  • rope climb
  • split jerk
  • muscle up (bar/ring)

WOD:      21 – 15 – 9

  • Back squats (185/115)
  • 400 m sprint after each set

– bar must start on the ground
– if you can’t clean it and get it to your back, scale down
– Post loads and times to comments –


45 thoughts on “S'onitres”

  1. I’m really looking forward to the skill work. Hopefully I can get my first Muscle Up where Stefan actually witnesses it.

  2. that rope scares me, getting up is fine, coming down is sketchy
    10:34 (115#) i feel like im finally making progress on my squats
    also sat indian style for the first time in my life today! that stretching is paying off

    1. Concerning the rope, I second that feeling. . . I’m using my workout gloves today. . . barehanded was “sketchy” coming down. I always thought I was good at squats until I came to crossfit and had to sit down on the floor each rep.lol.

  3. I started bootcamps in Winnie in the evenings. Going to try to get back in there soon though! I’m there every morning at 6am though lol.

  4. My legs hate me
    100 walking lunges on Monday,
    112 Deadlifts on Tues,
    Mile Time trial on Wed (I didnt partake in)
    Now squats & running?
    Yes I am whining

  5. I can’t wait for my back to get better so I can start coming back.
    I have been rowing and getting ready for the 5k row next time it comes up.

  6. How is everyone coming down the rope? I learned how to speed rope when I did Air Assualt in the army. Maybe we could use some of those skillsets for getting down without getting burned.

    1. I just slowly lower myself hand over hand in a reverse motion of the up phase, but I’m all ears. I didn’t know you were in the Army. I was too.

  7. Fun wod today. My whole back hurting thing is getting kind of stupid tho. Could barely run faster than a crawl pace couse of my damn back! 10:04 135#

  8. Sabrina- I didn’t finish. I got sick for 4 days and took off. I started back up Tuesday with 58. Haven’t done my 60 yet. I’ll do my last set tomorrow. I definitely think its made a huge difference though!

  9. I have no idea. I went to the doctor and he said stay in bed for a couple days and gave me some medicene. I don’t listen to well though.

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