Something in the water

Some people look good with mustaches
Others do not  —–>
12 – 1 – 11
Skill:     Snatch-grip deadlift   3 – 3 – 3

  • between each set complete 10 deadhang pull ups

WOD:      AMRAP in 7:

  • 7 Shoulder to OH (135/95)
  • 14 air squats

– 3 burpee penalty for every time the bar is dropped before 7th complete rep
– Post loads and times to comments –


31 thoughts on “Something in the water”

    1. I agree w/ you Marc. We were going to do CFB’s WOD since we officially live in Beaumont now but after looking at it, I decided we’ll go to CFMC

  1. If you look at a WOD and think ‘oh that is terrible’ then you should absolutely do everything you can to do that WOD! Lol

  2. Didn’t record all the weights on the Skill just know I finished with 315#. Think I may have been able to do a little more??
    WOD: 4 Rounds RX. 135# got real heavy in rounds 3 and 4. I only had to do burpees once in round .
    I enjoyed this WOD a lot.

    1. This was the thing to do at Hammer and Chisel: Whatever you do, don’t. put. the. bar. down.
      Now for my next trick, let’s see if I can follow my own advice.

  3. Skill: 105, 135, 145 (red band dead hangs)
    Wod: 8 Rounds (65#)
    Barrrely made that last air squat in time. Thank you Marc for pushing me to finish. Jamie kicked ass tonight too! (even is she doesn’t ever post her times!)

  4. 145-165-175 snatch grip DL! Yeeeah
    I went RX on the WOD and it was great. Lol I got 2 rds and 6 push jerks… Even though they don’t count! I enjoyed this one.

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