uh…. Do you need a band-aid Heather?

Skill- Gymnastic ring movements- 10 lowers, 10 skin the cats, max L-sit holdsx3, false grip review and muscle ups, kipping and strict
For time-
25 Squat Cleans 95/70
30 Ring Dips
35 Shoulder to OH 95/70
40 Burpees
Saturday January 26 CFB will be hosting an Olympic Lifting Seminar from 12:30-3:30pm (probably later). During this class we will go into depth about the correct positioning for the Clean, Snatch, and Jerk. If you want to get your form dialed in this is the time. The coaches from CFB, CFL, and CFMC will be leading this course. The cost will be $25 per athlete. We highly encourage you to purchase lifting shoes.
 We are limiting this class to the first 20 people to sign up. Your spot will only be reserved once you’ve paid your $25 (cash only).
A handful of members will be doing the 5th Mountain workout next Monday at 4:30. If you missed it and would like to join them feel free. We will have our regular 4:30 class that day doing the programmed WOD.


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