Strength- Every minute on the minute for 10 minutes-
Power clean+Hang squat clean+Front Squat (without letting go of the bar)
-Heavy as possible. Add or take away weight as needed
10 min AMRAP-
6 squat cleans 115/75
12 push ups
24 double unders
The Open will be here before you know it! We still have a few weeks to improve some weaknesses! If you’re struggling with double unders opt out of the warm up run to practice them. If you are still struggling with the kip stay after class and work on it! I will have open gym as much as my schedule allows leading up to the start of The Open. Usually around 3:15 if I can get out of work. Check our Facebook page and I also send out a mass text every time I open the gym early. If you want to be included just let me know! 305-509-1766.


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