Say cheese!…cheese….mmmmm

Power Clean + Push Jerk – work up to a heavy single, then complete 7 reps at that heavy single. rest 60 sec.
4 rounds each for time (not including C2B) and total reps of C2B:
50 Double-Unders
10 Push Jerks @ 115/75#
*Rest 30 seconds before C2B.
ME UB C2B Pullups
*Rest 1 minute before starting next round.


4 thoughts on “Say cheese!…cheese….mmmmm”

  1. Skill: 80# I misunderstood how this was supposed to go. I thought it was 7 reps per minute…
    6am was fun…but definitely too early to do math…or thinking.
    My rounds ended at 2:45, 6:35, 10:25 and 14:23 with 5 purple banded pullups on each round, 55# pp and 3x singles

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