Sames and Opposites

  • Neal Riley of CrossFit Beaumont will be competing in the South Central Regional Comptetion from June 17-19 for a spot in the CrossFit Games. Come join us to cheer him on as he battles 59 other athletes for the top 3 spots at


6 – 9 – 11

WOD:    AMRAP in 10:

  • 5 dead hang pull ups
  • 15 russian twists
  • 5 burpees

– Post loads and times to comments –


10 thoughts on “Sames and Opposites”

  1. 9 rounds(RX)
    Only participated in half of the “unknowns”. I didn’t want to get to know them too well.

  2. 8 Rounds – Green band. Cash-out 12 Reps x 7, then 17 on round 8.
    I’ll be there for Neal (at least on Saturday and Sunday).

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