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APRIL 3, 2012

Deadlift  5-5-3-3-1-1-1  Work up to a one rep max
Perform the following for time:
10 mountain climbers (each step is one)
15 wall ball shots
rest 30 seconds and repeat for 10 rounds


17 thoughts on “Romaine”

  1. Skill: 265# (30# PR)
    Thank you Sabrina for making me keep going!
    Started the wod, back tighten the first round. DNF
    Burt did a great job this morning coaching, congrats!

  2. I have some really dirty words to say about wall balls. Lol but I will refrain. Completed 10 rounds in 22mins. Thanks Sabrina. It feels good to just finish.

  3. Skill: 345 DL (40# PR)
    Was disappointed because I had 355 up but could not lock out my knees 🙁
    WOD: 18:20 rx

  4. Good Job Stephanie!! It was an impressive lift!
    275DL.. I know that is not much, but I have never DL’d anything over 225 before.
    WOD 12:15 Great workout! Thanks Burt and Sabrina

  5. Skill: 5×5 deadlifts with 5 deadhang pullups after each set
    135, 155, 165, 175, 185
    Wod: 13:50 (7 rounds, 10# medball, 1 min rest btw rounds)

  6. Good job today everyone! Love the determination on everyone’s faces :). And Martin you also have to consider the number of times you lifted that bar before you got that close. It will tire your body out quick.

  7. Completed in 11:36. back was hurting me too, so I did squats in place of wall balls. Good job Burt. Was happy with how you coached the class today.

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