Revive Me

Travis practicing good DEFENSE on SDHP

As fast as possible:


  • burpees
  • thrusters (95#,65#)

Ex. You will complete 10 burpees and 10 thrusters, 9 burpees and 9 thrusters all the way down to 1 rep as fast as you can.
Thanks to EVERYONE who made it out to the Grand Opening!!! We had a great showing at the 11am and 12pm. We are looking forward to competing between gyms and get togethers. Thanks for the awesome pictures Clay and Nedab!


8 thoughts on “Revive Me”

  1. Great job this weekend everyone! Had a blast working out at CFMC; More so before and after the workout. Actually doing the WOD sucked pretty hard.

  2. I was disappointed in myself for quitting, so I did my last three rounds at home. I think that puts my time in the 40 minute range.

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