Put your hands up

8 – 5 – 11
Skill:    Front Squat    3×3

  • 80%  of max

300 m run 

  • 21 – 15 – 9
  • front squat (95/65)
  • push ups
  • sit ups

300 m run
– Post loads and times to comments –


21 thoughts on “Put your hands up”

  1. 6:38 RX
    38 box jumps (14/24)
    alliteration ‘bliteration is going to be awesome. I think it should be 50 for time.

    1. You left too early Stephanie. You would probably scale up and do 60 or 70 though. I was impressed with the scaling up of the box jumps.

        1. I was peer pressured! Lol. So this alliteration deals with med ball/box jumps?
          I left cause I wanted to go back to sleep 🙂 Needed the zzzZZs!

          1. I think the prescribed weight and height would be 20#/24″ & 14#/20″. It deals with broad jumps, burpees, medball box jumps, ball slams, and backwards bear crawls.

          2. i think it needs one additional “B”… BUDDY. so then it would be something like, “50 Broad Jump, Burpee, Box Jump w/ Med Ball, Ball Slam from top of Box, Backwards Bear crawls with a Buddy, for time” where you would alternate back and forth so each person is doing a total of 25… hmm. i think we may need to see this happen.

          3. Great idea Toben, you could have the partners facing each other with the box in between them…that way the med ball would transfer back and forth and be on the correct side to pickup after the burpee.

  2. HA HA seems great, should have stayed to hear this talk. Trying to kill us toben? Ball slams from box? CRAZINESS!

  3. or… broad jumps WITH the med ball, burpee, box jump w/ med ball, throw/shot put the ball back to the partner (no bowling/rolling) and then backwards bear crawl. 3-2-1-GO!!!

  4. Can we just all agree to change the name of the post-WOD activity? I suggest “Beatdown” instead of “Cooldown”

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