Pumped up kicks

10 – 25 – 11
WOD:      “Eva”
5 rounds:

  • 800 m run
  • 30 KB swings (55/35)
  • 30 pull ups

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– We will not be having classes this Friday, October 28 –


33 thoughts on “Pumped up kicks”

  1. Jeremy is right
    Looking forward to this even though I hate running and KB swings (my attitude may change in the next 10 hours though)

  2. I am sorry Stephanie.
    I think the actual RX weight is 70# for guys and 55# for girls. Last time I did this I could not use my hands for about 2 weeks.

  3. 41:17- 4 rounds (800m for 2 rds then scaled to 400m, 35# KB, red band 2 rds, red & purple 2 rds)
    More brutality than I anticipated. Awesome wod though.

  4. well that was pretty humbling- 39:00 55# only four rounds
    Just when you start feeling good about CrossFit it knocks you on your ass
    I’d think twice about the weighted pullups Alan, just saying

  5. Really dj?? I am pretty sure that was not tearing it up…..if I can pass you on the run, then u were going pretty S-L-O-W!!;)

    1. except i did finish 3 min and 30 sec. before you and next time that situation occurs ill make sure and kick on my turbos so you wont TIE me

  6. 55:35…. RX’D THAT B!!!!!!!
    Holy cow those pull ups were horrible
    Jason J.., saw UR comment on the board… Funny!

  7. That’s impressive Jason. Good job! I was kinda happy we had a cutoff. Don’t know if I would’ve survived 55 minutes of that.

  8. Only 3 rds in 34:44. First 10 Kb with 55# then went down to what I thought was a 45# figured out it was a 35 shortly after.
    Never again!

  9. Do y’all ever have one of those days? It seemed as if there was nothing going right with the workout. My body basically told me to sit the Frick down and quit. I got one round with 10 hspus instead of pullups. on the way back from 800m marker, I cramped…..everywhere.
    So FUEva, F! U!
    Went to CFB this evening to at Least try and regain some dignity and had a great time on a fun WOD. I’ll be back at cfmc tomorrow! Good night.

  10. Jason, I have those days more often than I’d like. I let negativity get the best of me today too. We’ll just make sure and kick ass tomorrow 🙂
    I think “Stefan” will be a little kinder than “Eva” was. Or, at least, we can hope.

  11. I don’t think “RXn that beatch” is appropriate for a WOD named Stefan. Because Stefan has proved on multiple occasions that he ain’t no beatch. lol

  12. Jason, I agree. It just felt like the wheels fell on in the 3rd round. I have never had my back cramp up before, and hope it never happens again.
    Big DNF for me today!!!

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