Pub Run

Join us this Saturday for our Back to School Pub Run!!  We will be running from bar to bar, stopping at each one for drinks.  Buffalo Wild Wings in Port Arthur will be our starting point then the party will continue on to Texas Roadhouse, Genghis Grill, Rancho Grande, La Cantina, Tequilas, Applebee’s, and ending at Dylan’s for the night.
The theme is Back to School so strap on your back pack, suspenders, and horn-rimmed glasses and be ready for a crazy night!
With this pub run I am excited that we have the opportunity to help out a family close to our own CrossFit family.  Brielle Vandagriff, niece of Kelli and Jeremy Johnstone, was born April 25th with kidney abnormalities. She is due to have surgery at Texas Childrens next month, where they will cut off the top half of one of her kidneys and hopefully this will make the rest of her kidney(s) function properly. For this pub run we are asking you to donate $20 as an entry fee to run with us.  This money will all go to her parents, Aaron and Lacey Vandagriff, in an effort to help them with their medical expenses.  And of course, you can always donate more if you’d like!  Kara will be accepting donations at the door at BWW.  If you plan to join the run later on, please make your donation to a coach beforehand.  Let’s see how much we can raise to help this sweet family out!!



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