Pep talk


10 – 3 – 11

Skill:     Max box jumps in 2 minutes (30/24)

WOD:    AMRAP in 7 w/ partner:

  • P1 – max DUs
  • P2 – 15 OH squats (115/85)
  • switch

– Score = number rounds & total number DUs as a team

– Post loads and scores to comments –


22 thoughts on “Pregame”

  1. Don’t forget that the BURPEE CHALLENGE starts today! Day one starts with 60 burpees for time. Don’t forget to write your times down!

  2. 40 box jumps (i almost put BJs but thought twice about it…) RX
    Sabrina and I got 3 rounds, and would you believe it I did OHS with 55# AND did DU’s in the workout too! I feel like I’m finally over my fear of OHS…it’s a great feeling!
    4:24 on the burpee challenge…that hurt!

  3. Skill: 40 RX
    Awesome job today Erin!!!!!!
    She pretty much summed up our wod but we also got 192 DUs.
    Burpees: 4:07

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