Just got word from the Landlord that we are okay to finally get the power turned on. I set up everything with Entergy today and we should have power in a couple days. All that is left is for the Landlord to get us hot water. Spoke with him today and he has a plumber lined up and it doesn’t take more than a day to hook up a hot water heater. I know this because I’ve done it once and I know nothing about plumbing or hot water heaters.


7 thoughts on “POWER”

  1. el landy lordy is really taking his sweet time getting the electrical done. i wish i would have taken a class on electrical for idiots and done it myself. then installed the hot water heater…..again on my own. then i would have scheduled the walkthrough the same day. thats just me.

  2. whats awesome is i cooked the meal of the day two days late, and for some reason its the meal of the day on another website. And might i add it was amazing. Even Keri, my wife, ate it.

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