Pay to play

That’s some mean muggin’!

12 – 15 – 11

3 rounds:

  • sled pull forwards from pull up bars to windows
  • sled pull backwards from windows to pull up rig

In 3 minutes:

  • row 500 m
  • with remaining time AMRepsAP of ground to OH (115/85)
  • rest 3 minutes       …then…

3 rounds:

  • 20 KB swings (55/35)
  • 50 DUs

Within 30 seconds complete max rep deadhang pull ups
Rest 2 minutes, then one more set max deadhang pull ups
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26 thoughts on “Pay to play”

  1. 230 on the sled pulls.
    4 gtoh RX
    11:45 RX In the WOD I need to practice DU’s
    I spent about 30 seconds untangling my rope lol
    1 dhpu then 2
    Awesome little group this morning.

  2. It was a fun group for sure.
    450# sled pull
    11 gtoh RX (I really should have went after this harder)
    5:03RX on the WOD
    Did a 1000m Row at the end for a cool down. 3:17RX

  3. Jason, I am sure you can get me on this WOD on the sled pull and gtoh. I have been noticing you are kicking ass. My main goal is the rows and runs for the next few weeks.
    The sled slides easily on the carpet so it is not as bad as it sounds. Brady and I kept competing and finally ran out of time.
    By the way, Justin about killed us with his warm up. It is like a full workout.

  4. I went today, started the warm-up and quickly changed my mind about doing anything physical today. I think I’m going to take the rest of the week off and start over Monday. Its been a couple of months since I’ve had a break.

  5. 410# on sled pull. It’s a lot easier to pull backwards than forwards I think.
    4 GTOH I’m not a rower!!
    8:34 RX on WOD
    3 DHPU with blue band both times

  6. Good seeing you back at CFMC Drew. You lazy bastard! Good job bro!
    Skill: 460# sled pull
    WOD: 8 GTOH
    7:50 3x singles 9 dhpu

  7. 455# sled pull
    11 gtoh
    7:17 RX (did double unders first rd and then 150 singles X 2)
    10 DH
    8 DH — coulda probably pushed and done 10 again

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