on to the next one

15 minutes to find a heavy Snatch Balance + 2 OHS

AMRAP in 12 minutes

50 Double Unders

200m Run

15 KBS (55/35)

-post weights and rounds to comments-

Hows the “impromptu paleo challenge” going for everybody? I’ll admit mine had a pretty rocky start. Damn Blue Bell…


23 thoughts on “on to the next one”

  1. Already Burt? C’mon man! If that ice cream was in your house to begin with, that’s a big time fail. Get it outta there!
    As for ice cream stopping protein breakdown, yeah maybe but you’re still spiking your insulin and that’s a net loss as far as I’m concerned. Make a freakin’ grassfed whey protein chocolate shake. Easy.

  2. Not to mention dairy contains antinutrients and gut irritating proteins.
    Dairy=inflammation and gut lining damage…which is the root of all illness.
    Now we really are the least liked couple

  3. BHAHAHA!^^^
    I may not always tell you what to eat… but when I do… It sure as hell is going to be Paleo.
    Another one for Casey and myself
    We may not always agree… but when we do… we sure as hell are going to make people hate us.

  4. Hate? Where did that word come from? We love you guys. You know that. Duh! Every CrossFitter needs a paleo Nazi in their life.
    As for the ice cream in Burt’s house…that would be his 8 month pregnant wife’s fault. And I’m just gonna be honest. If someone tries to throw it out, they WILL be shot.
    Did anyone wod today?

  5. For the record I only gave Martin up because he made me drive him to DQ and the ride around and watch him eat his ice cream….

  6. I was just kidding around!! I also believe you about the shooting, so I won’t try! And apparently everybody ate ice cream instead of woding

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