Not too secret

9 – 20 – 11
SKill:    Tabata ring rows
WOD:     Time trial:

  • 5K run

– Post loads and times to comments –


18 thoughts on “Not too secret”

      1. I don’t get too much faster. I have been around 20 minutes for a few months now. I just meant that Crossfit has helped me get there. A 6:30 pace or better is usually what I try to run the 5k at which is right around a 20:13.

  1. 27:29- not bad for being sick and not remembering the last time I ran this far. My baby boo Kim did well too but can’t remember her exact time.

  2. 3 reps on tabata
    27:11 5K
    I have no idea the last time I ran a 5K so wasn’t sure how to pace myself. In the end I wish I would have pushed myself harder. Still happy w my time though.

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