Lots of new faces at the box! Might as well get in the right mindset early

1X20 Back Squat
Notes: There will be warmup sets, but this will be a single set test. It should be an absolute maximal set. The recommendation is to use approximately 70% of 1RM. Do not rush. These should be paced and rest between reps is beneficial. Make sure to hit depth with every rep.
3 rounds for working time of:
20 Push Press 95/65#
20 HR Pushups
20 Pullups
*Rest 2 minutes after each round.


17 thoughts on “Noobs”

  1. Anyone going to a Saturday class? I need some CFMC in my life while I’m in town this weekend. It’s been way to long.

  2. I’ll be there Nathan! I’m not a whole lot of fun to wod with these days but I’ll be there. We’ve missed you!

  3. skill 135 a lot easier than i thought, i shoulda went heavier, i will next week **hint hint
    WOD- 2:41
    4:41-8:26 (3:45)
    10:26-13:42 (3:16)

    1. not too bad, hip flexor/groin area tightened up pretty good afterwards, but nothing some stretches cant fix.

  4. Skill: 95#
    Wod: 3:45, 5:45-10:07, 12:07-16:27
    I did 3 rounds of 20 Push Press (60# 1st round, 55# 2nd and 3rd), 15 Pushups and 10 weighted pullups (my baby gettin’ big)

    1. I like it……..especially if it means something, I mean Burt is from Carolina, and bleeds UNC blue. LOL

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