No WOD left behind

In CrossFit we train you to lift weights with your bodies … and with your minds …

5 – 23 – 11
Skill:   3x – 300 m time trial (with 2 minutes rest between efforts)
WOD:   10!

  • thrusters (135#/95#)
  • push ups
  • double unders

– Post loads and times to comments –
Great job to everyone who competed in the Louisiana Sports and Fitness Festival this weekend and thanks to all of you who showed up to show your support!!


26 thoughts on “No WOD left behind”

  1. haha thats awesome! Gonna try to make the noon class, my legs are still pretty sore. I might have to skip the sprints, is that allowed?

  2. That picture is freaking awesome!! Can’t wait to stumble through more double unders. Working today so I will be there at 6.

  3. Won’t discuss my sprints due to my legs of jello from saturday!
    WOD: 15:11 (55#, purple band)
    I was more sore today than I was yesterday 🙁

  4. Jamie Coleman

    Don’t think my shoulder will want to do this one today! Might just go run and get some abs in at the casa!

  5. :52, :54, :58 sprints then i got called to respond to an oil spill. turns out they didnt need me, stupid military. be back at 6 to finish this one out

  6. 15:06 at 95#. Forgot my sprint times. All a hair over one minute. Thanks Nathan for the last minute push tonight

  7. Sprints: 1:01, 1:10, 1:15
    WOD: 13:02 – 65#, Single Unders on rounds 10-6, Double Unders on rounds 5-1.
    Wasn’t feeling it today.

  8. 55,55,56 Did this one RX but could not finish. 15:00mins was starting my 4reps. Note to self 135 is heavy when doing thrusters.

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