Nice ROM Mr. Jack

11 – 1 – 11

Skill:     Tabata Deadlifts (135/95)

– Coaches, form is especially KEY here!! If it’s not there, SCALE!!

WOD:     AMRAP in 10:

  • 4 hang cleans (135/95)
  • 8 HR push ups
  • 16 bar hop-overs (8/side)

– as soon as the clock hits 10 minutes, you will have 90 seconds to jump on the pull up bars and get as many pull ups as possible

– Score = total number FULL rounds and number pull ups completed

– Post loads and times to comments –


15 thoughts on “Nice ROM Mr. Jack”

  1. this does look fun
    if any of us ever go to a comp and the movements aren’t hand release we won’t know what to do with ourselves

  2. skill- 10 rx, last round i got 13, shoulda went for 11 or 12
    WOD- 10 rounds (95#) + 29 pullups = 39
    looking forward to seeing that rope climb up Sean!

  3. Attention!!!! I am signed up for the Hammer & Chisel competition Nov. 12 at Atomic Crossfit and I can’t go! If anyone wants to take my spot (Men’s RX division) let me know ASAP! It’s $50 and I need it filled quick.

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