New Life


“Love Story”
With a partner:
200 Singles (because you start single)
800m Run (then you go out together)
50 Planking High Fives on each arm (then you ask for their hand)
400m Run  (you don’t go out as often anymore)
50 Partner Wall Ball (20/14) (you take turns with the little one)
200m Run (that little one is really taking away from you’re going out time!)
50 Thrusters combined (95/65) (the little one grew up and is too big to throw overhead)
400m Run (retired, time to get start getting out again)
50 Deadhang Pull-Ups combined (til death do us part)
800m Run (you’re old and you need the exercise)
200 singles (this is a penalty if you and your partner “separated” somewhere during the workout, so STAY TOGETHER AND YOU DON’T HAVE TO DO THEM!)


16 thoughts on “New Life”

  1. If a guy and girl partner up he will scale down to her med ball weight for the partner wall ball. They can use separate barbells for the thrusters.
    And to make an even more intimate partner experience don’t use any bands for the deadhangs just have your partner press you up as you pull!

  2. 31:34 me 20# wb blue purple dh and Vick rx. We would never make it as a couple, we argued the whole time! Just kidding! Thanks for pushing me on the run Vick. Even though you almost left me on the last run, You came back. Most men always do!! 🙂

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